ULTHERA Treatment


By choosing to have an Ultherapy™ (aka Ulthera Treatment) you are doing something wonderful for your skin.

As the skin matures, the collagen fibers that provide internal support become worn. Ulthera treatment uses ultrasound energy reaches deep below the surface of your skin to initiate your body’s own natural repair process. Over time, ulthera treatment results in the creation of new, healthy, strong collagen and a variety of positive skin changes. Because the rejuvenation process occurs naturally, it occurs gradually. Just as strengthening muscles or growing taller takes time and is not evident from day to day, the effects of Ulthera Treatment build slowly and subtly.

In this world of immediate feedback, we want to reassure you that patience is a virtue, and that results of ulthera treatment can take two to three months to unfold. Responsiveness of this ulthera treatment varies from patient to patient, and, in some infrequent cases, the ulthera treatment’s results are “subclinical;” that is, the collagen rebuilding on the inside does not become readily apparent on the outside.

  • In the early days following ulthera treatment, patients commonly report a firmer skin feel and, as an added bonus, a smoothing out of fine lines. While this immediate “plumping effect” is temporary, it signals that the beneficial process of new collagen generation has begun.
  • Additional skin firming, tightening and actual lifting is reported to occur over the next 2-3 months after the ulthera treatment (and sometimes longer), specifically:
    • elevation of the brow, leading to the opening up of the eye area, reduced hooding of the eyelids, softening of the wrinkles around the eyes, and a more “rested” appearance in general
    • a gentle lifting of the skin on the cheeks to a higher, more youthful position, resulting in an overall “ovaling” effect
  • Patients also note a softening of the creases around their nose and mouth and a sleeker, more defined jawline after the ulthera treatment.
  • Reduced pore size and a more even skin colour can also be welcomed benefits of ulthera treatment.