As we mature, the soft tissues of the face start to weaken, lose fat and the underlying support structure starts to sag. The most affected areas usually include the cheeks, around the eyes, the brows, jowls, and neck, creating a more tired, older looking face.

Once can lift non-surgically with Thermage or by a minimally invasive way using ‘Threads’. Threadlifts can usually be performed in the clinic, as it requires very small incisions performed under local anaesthesia so the patient has minimal time. Threadlifts give you an immediate lifting effect that can last for 3 – 5 years.

Thread lifts is performed in the clinic. The procedure is minimally invasive, so only local anaethesia is used. During the procedure small incisions in key locations are made and a threaded needle (Dr Ben uses resorbable sutures) is inserted to lift the subcutaneous tissue and suspend the lift with the thread. Here the loose sagging tissues are anchored to fix points i.e. the periosteum (lining of the bone), holding the loose tissues up. The threads are therefore not placed on the face, so there is no swelling or bruising on the face. You can go about your daily activities and even attend a party the very next day! The threads are also self resorbable.

Antibiotic may be prescribed to avoid any risk of infection. Pain can be managed with oral medications. Normal activities can usually be resumed within seven days.

Ideal candidates for thread lifts include people with heavy cheeks, who have minimal signs of aging such as droopy eyebrows and hooding of the upper eyelid crease by excess skin, jowly jawline, i.e. lost of jawline definition by sagging cheeks and deep nasolabial lines, and need just a little lift.