Intense Pulsed Light

INTENSE PULSED LIGHT – Face laser treatment

Today, many people suffer mild to moderate degrees of sun damage from outdoor activities such as golfing, tennis, boating etc. They are usually plagued with skin problems such as sallowness and fine wrinkles. Majority suffers from some form of pigment skin problem such as freckles, sun spot (which looks like a giant flat freckle), age spots (liver spots) and worsening melasma (pigmentation mask).

To address these aging skin challenges, we use photorejuvenation as face laser treatment for patients. This is the use of light and lasers to reverse the aging changes of the skin. Popular face laser treatments involve the entire facial skin, thus the name photofacial treatments. However, skin on the neck, hands and upper chest are also commonly treated.

Face Laser Treatment Programme
The face laser treatment – Photo rejuvenation reverses the effects of aging skin, resulting in rejuvenating one’s looks. It is able to take away 5 years or more.

The face laser treatment program is made up of a series of 5 separate face laser treatments at intervals of 3 weeks. Each treatment last for a duration of 20 – 30 minutes where Intense Pulsed Light followed by the CoolTouch II laser is applied on the entire face. There is no down-time (recovery time) with each of the 5 sessions. Neither work nor social activities need to be interrupted.