Celebrating the success of 5million Coolsculpting treatments @ Hard Rock Cafe

Firstly, thank you to each and everyone of you who took the time off on a weekend to join us in celebration of 5 million Coolsculpting treatments worldwide.

Here’s a recap of the post-event!

IMG_9906  IMG_9912

Dr Yim & Colleagues being all goofy with Hardrock staffs and event participants during the photo session.

IMG_9905  IMG_9913

A Q&A session between Dr Yim and the audience on the concerns associated with Coolsculpting treatment

IMG_9908  IMG_9910

A personal testimonial (lady in red) on Coolsculpting treatment was shared to the crowd.

After which event participants were brought to the clinic to have a trial.

In the midst of it, some were having a discussion about Coolsculpting with Mr Kelvin, the host.

IMG_9911  IMG_9904

Lastly, a lucky draw was conducted and goodie bags were given to all, together with a group shot to end off the entire session!